9 Ways To Make Friends In A New City

Moving to a new city is a headache as it is – finding a home, settling in your new job, getting familiar with new co-workers and setting up a whole new system to survive. But if you don’t have known people there to advise and guide you, it can be tougher. Most of the times you don’t have a helping hand available. In these tough times, it is advisable to make new friends and get to know people who are already living there. These people can give you some valuable tips and advice which will help you transition into your new life pretty quickly.

So in this post, we’re sharing a couple of ways how you can easily make new friends when moving to a new city. Let’s go!

9 Ways To Make Friends In A New Place

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  1. Get familiar with new co-workers: These will be the people you’ll be seeing the most while in this city – almost everyday. It’s time you start getting to know them better already. Getting friendly with co-workers early on will help you settle not only in your company, but also in the city and you can possibly hang out with them later.
  2. Join to hobby groups: Do you have any hobbies like art, music, dance, photography, singing etc? Great, then the option of hobby classes and groups is open for you. Like minded people who are also friends? Sign us up!
  3. Go to professional events: Another option is going to professional meetups and events. These events can be found on websites like Meetup.com or LinkedIn. Not only do you get to make professional contacts and friends, these people can also help you land a better job later on. And you might just learn a new skill or two at these events!
  4. Go to casual events: Take a look at your local events website or Facebook events. There is no limit on the number of social and casual events happening every weekend. Friendship meetups, movie screenings, food tasting events and what not – there’s something for everyone. Give these a try, you won’t be disappointed.
  5. Try friendship apps: By far the easiest and most cost-effective method. There are a lot of new apps which now provide you the option to instantly find, chat and meet with people in real. No, we’re not talking about the dating apps – those are weak options. We’re talking about actual friendship apps which are focused on helping you make new friends. Our own Cuddll app is one such app working towards a solution to this problem. Learn more about Cuddll below.
  6. Volunteer somewhere: A way to meet passionate, considerate and helpful local people is to volunteer at a local NGO or organization. An unconventional solution, but can give you the satisfaction you may not find in your work and help you make very useful contacts.
  7. Know your neighbors: You didn’t think of this, did you? The solution was just next door all along! While your neighbors may be not always be the demographic group you desire, they can still be more helpful than others for you to settle in. Neighbors can provide you with all kinds of local tips and tricks that maybe no other friend can provide. Next time you see them outside your door, take the first step and say ‘Hi’!
  8. Tap into your extended network: Any old college friends? Any friends of friends? Any distant relatives? If you dig deep enough, you’re bound to find an almost-familiar face in your city. They’re easier to become friends with and will be more helpful in your transition than a complete stranger would be.
  9. Join fitness groups: Due to all the stress and tension because of moving to a new city, fitness takes a backseat. What better way to be fit AND get new friends and contacts than by joining a fitness group? Running, cycling, gym, cross-fit – there’s something for every one these days.

How Cuddll Helps You Make New Friends

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Cuddll is a friendship app that helps you get new friends, quickly. It solves the problems people have while trying to make new friends when moving to a new place. It instantly connects you with a ready-made community of people looking to build friendships like you. It also lets you join events based on your interests, discuss your plans and actually meet and talk in real. You can decide to meet only with face-verified people and not even share your phone number with anyone. Oh yes – all these features are completely free! So download the app today and join the 100,000+ people who have found new friends using Cuddll!

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How To Make Friends After College

“It’s very tough to make friends after college” is a phrase we hear a lot these days. Adding new people people to your social media friend list doesn’t count as “making friends” – you’re just adding them to your contact list. Work pressure, family commitments or just the high effort needed to do it are some of the challenges people face in this process. In this post we discuss the reasons why making friends as a working adult is so tough and present some innovative solutions to this problem.

Why it’s so easy to make new friends in college

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Put some highly energetic youngsters in a closed area anywhere and they’ll start forming friendships, we guarantee that. Students are able to bond easily and form lasting friendships because of the following reasons:

  • A pool of people to choose from: Colleges attract people of all types, from everywhere. There’s always someone for everyone. Even the most asocial or introverted person is bound to make a best friend (or two).
  • Shared interests and experiences: Everyone’s going through the same kind of study pressure, events, trends and time. Then there’s also bunking of classes, going out for movies, playing cupid and what not. People like to bond over similarity.
  • No work pressure: Although there may be study pressure, it is nowhere the same as work pressure. College friends help each other through the tough times and that is what makes the bond even stronger.
  • No family commitments: No pressure to get married. No running after kids. Enough said.

Why new friendships take a backseat after college

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Post-college, everyone goes their own path – some change cities, some change countries and some change relationship statuses. Everyone gets busy trying to live in the real world. The only new faces people see are that of their co-workers and relatives. Friendship takes a backseat, for the following reasons:

  • Co-workers are not friends: It is, at times, difficult to trust co-workers when you’re working for that same promotion. Doubt and suspicion take over your mind. It is definitely is possible to make friends with co-workers, but it gets difficult as you move up the ladder.
  • Lack of time: After office, you’re hardly left with any energy or time to socialize with new people. The effort to find new friends goes up exponentially. According to a study, people between ages 25 to 50 get less than 90 minutes of free time per day for themselves. A good friendship demands time.
  • Shifting priorities: Focus on career, tension about marriage, raising kids and caring for ageing parents – it is natural for friendships to suffer. A conscious effort is needed to bring back friendships into focus.
  • Thinking old friendships will survive: People think that they have enough friends from school, college or family circles and there is no necessity to make new friends. But what happens is old friendships fade over time and unless new friendships are being made, the social circle just keeps getting smaller.

Proven ways to make friends as an adult

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Not all hope is lost. In fact, none is lost. There are a lot of ways you can find and forge new friendships, no matter how old you are:

  • Interest groups: Join groups or classes about subjects that you like or are passionate about. It could be anything from singing classes, dancing classes, art classes to yoga, fitness groups etc. You get to meet a lot of like minded people and do things together.
  • Friends of friends: If you are new to a city or just looking to expand your circle, invite your friend / relative and one of their friends to hang out. Exchange numbers, keep in touch and cultivate friendships!
  • Other parents: Do you have kids? If they are in school, meet the parents of their friends whenever there’s an opportunity. You get new friendships AND someone to discuss parenting with. Two birds, one stone!
  • Friendship and dating apps: A lot of new and innovative companies have come up who’re trying to solve this problem of friendship challenges for working adults. Own very own Cuddll app is one of these startups focusing exclusively on helping adults make friends after college.

How Cuddll solves this problem

Cuddll app solves the problems people have while trying to make new friends after college. It instantly connects you with a ready-made community of people looking to build friendships like you are. It also lets you join events based on your interests, discuss your plans and actually meet and talk in real. It also takes care of security as you can decide to meet with only face-verified people and not share your phone number with anyone. The best part – all these features of the app are completely free to use! So download the app today and join the 100,000+ people who have found new friends using Cuddll!

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