Do Dating Apps Work?

Online dating has become a fast and easy way to meet new people. You fire up your Tinders or Bumbles, make some swipes – and there you go. You now have someone to meet! Easy, isn’t it?

However, do dating apps really work? For us at Cuddll, it is our job to bring people together – and we were wondering if dating apps are the really best way to meet and build relationships with new people today.

The Problem With Dating Apps

The negative aspects of online dating have become apparent over time, many of the apps currently available are based on superficial qualities rather than genuine connections. Are you really looking for a one stop shop for one-night stands? And how about all that time you spend focused on a screen? For those looking for long lasting relationships with like minded people, is a dating app really worth it?

People aren’t looking for someone to date. They’re looking for someone to talk to.

Some of the quick problems we’ve all faced on dating apps:

  • People not really ready to date someone unknown
  • People ghosting and disappearing
  • Unverified and untrustworthy people
  • People not of similar interests and views

Where Cuddll Comes In

Do Dating Apps Work?

So, when you ask yourself, “should I use a dating app?” – why not consider a friendship app instead! This is where our app comes in – Cuddll is a great app to get to know others, share interests and meet up locally. A safe and secure place to meet individuals instead of bots. Make memories that will last a lifetime rather than making a date that lasts the night. Find real people, in real life and create genuine friendships.

It also solves the problems people have while trying to make friends with strangers. It instantly connects you with a ready-made community of people looking to build friendships like you. It also lets you join events based on your interests, discuss your plans and actually meet and talk in real. You can decide to meet only with face-verified people and not even share your phone number with anyone. Oh yes – all these features are completely free! So download the app today and join the 300,000+ people who have found new friends using Cuddll!

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