#CuddllStories: Shopping With New Friends

We, at Cuddll, help bring all kinds of people together for new adventures. Shopping is one such adventure a lot of people like to splurge on! Here’s a story about Nisha, an active Cuddll user, who found her new shopping buddies on the Cuddll app:

#CuddllStories Shopping With New Friends

“Delhi and the shopping season. How can one miss to grab a chance. I have a theory about shopping. It gets tipsy with the like minded people and requires a lot of patience. Well, a disclosure my circle of friends are of people with absolute zero patience, so the shopping with them is boring. I tried to know and meet people by making an event on #Cuddll app and was delighted to find lost and lonely souls with the same destiny in the chat room. We chatted for a week, before the D day weekend swimmed in. We met at a coffee house at CP and then went ahead to share our taste in shopping. I pretty liked a girl’s approach towards fashion. Now I have honored her with my stylist. Well, we tried a lot of clothes, shared each other styling sense. I did it even when my toes had been hurt a day before and I can tell you, the meeting for shopping was worth. I am glad I ventured across this app in turn meeting some wow people. Well, thank you for making this a vibrant effort of experiences. Way to go Cuddll.”

How Cuddll Helps You Make New Friends

Cuddll is a friendship app that helps you find new friends efficiently. It instantly connects you with a ready-made community of people looking to build friendships. It also lets you join events based on your interests, discuss your plans and actually meet and talk in real. You can decide to meet only with face-verified people and not even share your phone number with anyone. And yes – all these features are completely free! So download the app today and join the 100,000+ people who have found new friends using Cuddll!

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